बुधवार, 3 दिसंबर 2008

एक सोच एक नजरिया

ईश्वर के प्रति हमारी श्रद्धा बाहर से नही थोपी ज सकती। इंसान को स्वमेव ही एहसास होता है कि
विश्व में एक अलौकिक शक्ति तो है ही , जो सम्पूर्ण सृष्टीका संचालन करती है। हमारी सत्य, अहिंसा , और सर्वोदय कि भावना ही हमें उस तथा कथित ईश्वर के नज़दीक लाती है
The human being has the nature to live and die as per the process of the nature। The earth can not bear all the livingbeing what ever they may in any form। Those all due to the echological balance of the nature। The survival of fittest will remain on the earth alive and other have to
die naturally like a new car and old car, like a child and old man. so all these are incornation of nature, not god. If you work hard your result will be fruitful. god will be not bless for fruitful result untill you work hard to achive any destination. supose 2x2=4 & 2+2=4 also. god will not say you about it. one have to make our own efforts to know the facts of all happenings of our surroundings skay-air-fire-water-earth are the natural resouces for the survival off the living beings. When living dies then turn in to as skay-air-fire-water-earth as per chemical analysis. Infact science could not produce vingbeings as chemical semen,ova (x y chromosoms) origionally therefore these races are produced by the nature alone and not by the god.God is nothing but simply a symbol of consontration by which the human brain developing day by day creating several development of all spheres of life. The five elements Viz: SKAY-AIR-FIRE-WATER-EARTH constituents the hole universe. by the union of these elements makes a super power to whome many persons recalls as god. ferthure a fraction of minute particles forms living beings such as human and plants kingdom after complition of the servival period every living beings goes in to the mouth of the death. The constituents of the body goes chronological order such as SKAY-AIR-FIRE- WATER-EARTH as soul which unite immediately to super power,Viz: The soul in to skay, The breath in to air,Body heat in to fire, blood and 71% liquide goes in to water, at last remaim of the body (skin,bone & other parts) goes in to the earth. therefore these five elements again recycles to the super power known is GOD regulerly. now you can better enalyes on the light of the above facts that god is creating the living being or nature is creating scientificly. The prey of god is equal to helping of poors RPHns and needy persons. the blessing of poors arphans and needy pesons gives me a deep relief in my hearts visually not in visually like god. which is not know exactly what the god speaks by giving blessing for which nemorous times has been devoted while worshiping. Thus who has come in the world will go one day as per natural phenomeno.
Dr। Vijay Tiwari "Kislay"

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